I-Care Calendar

7 June 2021

Digital Passport Queries

This evening ten countries have started to roll out digital passports and many of you have asked about travel and obtaining a digital passport here. ... I have asked about this for you and it will be six weeks from July 1st before the system will be in place to issue e-certificates which includes a vaccination history and whether or not you had COVID-19 and when you’ve had it etc... Currently no GP system in the country is linked up to do that. Most people have had their test from their local GP surgery. Most tests last month were all referrals from GPs so that’s where the results are, as well as in the National reference lab so there isn’t any template at the moment for this to appear. The HSE has been at the forefront of the digital framework for this but as of yet, no GP in the country has been asked how these results might be accessed. So July 1st for digital passports is, I’m told unfortunately very optimistic.

7 June 2021

Digital Virtual Tea June 4th 11:00 am and Disibility Survey

The Disability Forum's next Virtual Tea takes place Friday (4th June) at 11am. The team invites you to join with your favourite beverage and welcome the Chair of the ... UCD Disabled Network, Deirdre O Connor who will explain about their Network. The link is here to join https://bit.ly/3iecGDc

Similarly, Sara Kift the new GSU Disability Officer along with Patricia and Vivian from the Forum will present the experience of Disabled Staff and Postgrads at the Staff Disability Sub-Committee on June 17th. To ensure a diversity of views are heard they'd like to hear your views/experiences of the difficulties and enablers to your full engagement as a staff/Postgrad member in TCD. Some of you may have already completed this form but if you're interested, you can share your experience here https://bit.ly/34JVCgt

2 June 2021

Issues having impact on Non-EU PhD Students

I have partnered with the President of the University of Limerick to write to Minister Simon Harris on behalf of International (Non-EU) PhD students ... concerning visa permissions for spouses and partners of international students which is currently unclear. Similarly, the 7- year visa limit on student visas for international students is ambiguous and unfair: it precludes an international student from availing of the Third Level Graduate Programme where studying undergraduate level 8 and then progressing to level 10, a student will have reached the 7-year limit. The 7-year visa limit is cumbersome and bureaucratic for those of you progressing to level 10. These decisions are impacting the mental health and wellbeing of International PhD students and I am lobbying to have this addressed immediately by the Minister and the Department of Justice.

2 June 2021

The Perch reopens also with FREE hot water

2 June 2021 On Monday, 24th May, The Perch in the Arts Building reopened again for take away service, Monday to Sunday, 9am-6pm. I negotiated for the lovely staff ... there to supply free hot water to students. You may access the main campus for the purpose of purchasing food to take away from The Buttery (and the 50% is still in place this month). To access the Buttery, you will need to book a timeslot here in order to show security staff to gain access to the campus. If you are on campus for another purpose you do not need to book a time slot.

2 June 2021

Regent House Study Space Opening and FREE Hot Water

It is with a heavy heart that we closed the door on the 1937 Reading Room on Monday as electricians move in to rewire the building and we have moved ... to Regent House and the Exam Hall instead. Each desk in Regent House has a power supply and there are desks there and safe study space. The building is through a set of doors under front arch in here. We have installed a Lavazza machine in Regent House for you to access Free Hot water.

2 June 2021

The Rainbow Group (Student Counselling Service)

The Rainbow Group aims to provide and affirming space for all members of the LGBTQ+ Community to improve their mental health and resilience ... through providing support to one another as well as receiving support from professional group facilitators and SCS staff. At SCS, they recognise that students who are not members of the LGBTQ+ community might experience inequality, prejudice, or bias during their lives based on gender identity or sexual orientation, which can cause increased stress during their college careers. Members of this group will have space to process concerns and stressors through a strengths-based, non-pathologizing format. All Trinity students who identify as members of the broader LGBTQ+ community are welcome and welcome and encouraged to join.

2 June 2021

A new FUND with money to help bring your postgrad idea to life

Got an idea to support the postgraduate community in Trinity? Need funds to get your idea off the ground? The Graduate Students’ Union Projects fund ... will support your student-led initiative (social events, outreach, workshops, publications or artistic projects) organised between July and November 2021.Any student, class rep may apply before 5pm June 25th. We have a pool of postgrads on this fund’s panel so no idea is too unusual to consider. For example, a bird box programme across campus which would give shelter to wildlife or a socially distanced day out with your class in July would be a super example… … you get the idea. Good luck with coming up with great ideas.

2 June 2021

Paid part-time job opportunities for Computer Science PGs

The GSU understands and appreciates how difficult, yet important, it is to find work during the current pandemic, especially when it comes to upskilling ... yourselves. Therefore, the President and Vice President have collaborated to examine the possibility of bringing in part-time work opportunities to you from outside of Trinity College. This week we have sourced jobs for Computer Science students to help you gain experience in your own field and to help build your profile with Code Institute, which is a software development educator (https://codeinstitute.net/).

2 June 2021

Student Partial Refunds

I will have a meeting this week to discuss your student experience this year and share the results of our student survey and discuss the situation where we ... have requested student partial refunds. Many of you I know have asked us about this and we are doing our very best to negotiate a solution with College.

2 June 2021

TCDGSU Stands Up for India

India is going through a heartbreaking second wave of COVID-19 infections at this time with numbers reaching above 380,000 cases reported with ... 3600 deaths per day, and this is expected to be surpassed in the coming months. India is losing 243 lives per minute. As bad as the numbers seem, some conservative estimates suggest the actual numbers are at least twice that, as images of a sea of makeshift cremation pyres and burial grounds inundate the social and news media every day.

Currently oxygen, oxygen cylinders, ventilators and ICU beds are in short supply in the worst hit cities. People are waiting for days outside hospitals and family members are scramming to procure oxygen while critical patients wait and die. More recently, vaccines, COVID-19 testing kits and PPE equipment shortages have started to occur due to the sheer load of cases in certain areas.

Deeply concerned by the impact that COVID-19 is having on lives and livelihoods of our Indian community both here in Ireland and abroad, we, the President Gisèle Scanlon, Vice-President Abhisweta Bhattacharjee and the Indian student community of Trinity College Dublin Graduate Students’ Union, would like to seek your support in collecting relief funds. The funds collected will be distributed and sent to organizations on the ground in India, who will then use them to purchase oxygen cylinders and concentrators, ventilators, PPE kits and other necessary equipment.

The President and the Vice President have set up a special GSU team which has been working closely with people on the ground in India over the past few weeks in our best capacity. Because we now have a much deeper understanding of the challenges, and we see the urgency and the intensity of the crisis, we have decided to also raise much needed funding. Every single Euro will help bring about a positive impact in India.

The link to donate is here https://bit.ly/3fJBxNo

May 2021

Mandatory Quarantine Hotels

I wrote to the Minister for Higher Education in early April to request that postgraduate students returning to Ireland be allowed to quarantine at home to avoid ... the extortionate price of the mandatory quarantine hotels. It seems that after much lobbying, an exemption was applied to students vaccinated with Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Janssen on April 17th You can read about it here at the Irish Times

May 2021

Student and staff vaccination on campus

A huge “Thanks” to this amazing medical team headed up by Dr. David McGrath who were doing great work administering Pfizer Biontec vaccines to staff ... and students with underlying conditions when I visited them for a meeting. On behalf of postgraduates whom they have vaccinated in our community we are truly thankful for their hard work and dedication. In our meeting, we discussed how vaccinations will continue to roll as all the over 70s and almost all the 60s are vaccinated, many of the cohort 4s (the 18 to 59 year old age group who are in the very high risk category, many of those are now vaccinated including on campus). Dr McGrath stressed that hospital admissions now for COVID-19 are generally going to be in people who are much younger (that's us) as the median age is now 25 and dropping. That’s because older people are vaccinated and younger people are more mobile and unfortunately, it’s something we still need to be aware of when socialising. Dr. McGrath asked me to please remind everyone to keep the masks on, to socially distance and to keep the hand washing vigilant as this will keep everyone on campus safe and well. Dr. McGrath and his team are trying to vaccinate as many people as quickly as they can and we look forward to a day when all students are vaccinated soon.

May 2021

Books for Dissertation research

I’ve been in discussions for a long while with the library about making their databases free to access data online during the coronavirus outbreak. It’s a process ... regarding licensing agreements etc. which they are continuing to investigate. I have discussed with many this week the idea of classes gathering lists of books which will be needed over the coming months for dissertation writing. Although the Library has may books and Journals and databases free to access online during the coronavirus outbreak, they may not have what you need. I’m meeting with the library next week to discuss books which are not available for certain classes. If you are keen to have a publisher or title negotiated and added to the library then please contact your subject librarian with suggestions on the link here
14 April 2021

GSU PhD Peer Support Groups

We’ve realised that the past year has been one of the most challenging for our research community and in speaking with many of you, I and the GSU team ... understand your frustration with COVID-19 restrictions and the uncertainty that this can bring to your personal life and your research. Staying in touch with other researchers is a great way to help address isolation and in discussion with many of you we understand that you would like a new space where the community can offer you motivation and help tackle the crippling effects of lack of feedback and anxiety.Our Faculty Officers and GSU Executive have been hosting coffee mornings which have become very popular among researchers and we’re ready to develop these onto the next step. We are seeking to set up pockets of support (numerous groups of students per school) across the PGR Community and we will work with you to bring researchers at similar stages together to provide support over the coming weeks.

14 April 2021

Trini-Screen testing to keep you safe

Trini-Screen, a system where you can drop a saliva sample off on campus has now been extended to ten schools across SPEM and the HS Faculties, ... after I lobbied for researchers to be included via the GSU and we launched information on giving a Trini-Screen sample on the GSU website back in 2020. We’ve updated the website last month to incorporate the ten schools currently operating Trini-Screen and I’m working with College to extend testing to The Long Room Hub this week and across the entire PG Community for the summer months to offer you all better protection on top of your vaccination. I am hoping that this will guarantee your safety and offer you peace of mind so that you can concentrate on your research.

14 April 2021

Ethnic Minorities in Trinity: building an inclusive community

14 April 2021

Mi-Voice Voting

We recognise that being heavily reliant on technology brings unfortunate challenges, but we have harnessed it and achieved high participation ... this year and we believe that when it is used well, technology can strengthen our collective voice. In this month of April alone, 1,182 of us voiced our opinion when we voted for a new Provost online and over 600 of us attended our EGM with 623 voting on a motion for a partial fee refund. This is a very strong postgraduate voice, especially when you are all so very busy with assignments and work at this time.

14 April 2021

GSU EGM, Wednesday April 14th 7:00pm

Extra Ordinary General meeting took place where over 600 postgrads attended the event.

9 April 2021

Linda Doyle’s Provost-Elect Promises to the GSU

For too long, Trinity has paid insufficient attention to the postgraduate experience. You pay large amounts to study here and the systems and quality of ... experience do not always match the price-tag. So, in my manifesto, I pledge to reform the postgrad experience, informed by my experience as a PG tutor in the Postgrad Advisory service and with a genuine interest in postgrad affairs.

I fully commit to:

●  Introduce a Living Stipend for all Trinity Funded PhD Candidates.

●  Introduce contracts with fair pay for every hour worked as a TA, demonstrator or other casual employment basis.

●  Create a new VP for Climate & Biodiversity and introduce a new sustainability office, with teeth, to lead our climate and biodiversity actions.

●  Support mental health services in College through the creation of new positions and additional counselling resources

●  Stand up for all students e.g. champion access to PG education; lobby for an extension of the graduate visa programme for non-EU students; challenge legislation that has caused an unacceptable rise in health insurance premiums for non-EU students, among many other actions.

●  Invest in the postgraduate social learning experience, by putting €1.8m into the 1937 PG Reading Room to modernise air filtration systems, heating systems, accessibility, and deliver an additional 80 workspaces for PGs. Increase fundi ng to clubs and societies, and the GSU.

1 April 2021

GSU EGM, Wednesday April 14th 7:00pm

AGENDA for GSU Extraordinary General Meeting 01/04/2021. List of motions to be brought forward for consideration of the all voting members of the GSU. ...

1.Motion to Revise the Constitution of the Trinity Graduate Students’ Union.

2.Motion to Introduce a living wage and for all employment/engagement with Trinity College Dublin to be placed on a contractual basis for all Postgraduate Students employed or otherwise involved with Trinity College Dublin.

3.Motion to Divest from the Trinity Students Union and to mandate that the Trinity Graduate Students’ Union shall be the sole representative body for the Graduate Students of Trinity College Dublin.

4.Motion mandating that the Graduate Students' Union of Trinity College shall advocate on the behalf of Postgraduate students for the partial returning of fees for the year due to a failure on the part of the College to provide students that which they were promised when they registered.

5.Motion to add a third sabbatical position to represent Ph.D. Researchers on the Executive Committee of the Graduate Students’ Union of Trinity College Dublin.

31 March 2021

DisabiliTEA April 9th 11:00am, and contact before April 2nd for ISL

We would like to extend a warm welcome for any postgraduate students with disabilities to join our amazing Forum for PG's and staff ... with disabilities. The GSU Disability Officer will be on hand to chat about any issues facing PG students with disabilities, or just to socialize!

31 March 2021

'Why Black History Matters in Higher Education' Panel April 1st 12:30

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement, the GSU is hosting the 'Why Black History Matters in Higher Education' panel. Join the GSU as we ... discuss the significance of Black History and Black Studies and how to integrate in into Irish higher education. Speakers include US History and Black Studies Professor Daniel Geary (TCD), producer of Unsilencing Black Voices and English PhD candidate Sandrine Ndahiro (Univ. of Limerick), and campaigners for Trinity's Black Studies Module, Jennifer Waters and Claire Stalhuth. Chaired by Sahar Ahmed of TCD's School of Law.

Read More
31 March 2021

Transgender GSU and Q-Soc Coffee Morning March 31st 12:30pm

To celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility we're partnering with our friends (and neighbours in House 6) Q-SOC to host a Transgender GSU and Q-SOC ... Coffee morning, for the trans community of Trinity College Dublin to discuss ideas on how we can create a better and more welcoming atmosphere in college, in particular for postgraduate students.

31 March 2021

Come Meet the Provost Candidates, Wednesday March 31st 7:00pm

Come and have your say! Who do we want as Provost of Trinity College? How will it impact the postgraduate community? The GSU will meet the ... three Provost candidates on Wednesday March 31st 19:00-21:30PM and you are invited to attend to ask postgraduate specific questions which will help us to learn what each candidate has in mind regarding the postgraduate community and postgraduate reform. The GSU is keen to platform postgraduate questions from all sectors of the PG community on the night.

24 March 2021

Ohana Zero Suicide Training

The team thought that you might find this 20-minute programme interesting. It focuses on breaking stigma and encouraging open conversations ... around suicide. The training will provide you with the tools to enable you to:

1.Identify the signs that someone may be suicidal

2.Employ the correct language in asking the appropriate questions

3.Direct that person to the appropriate help

24 March 2021

Students and staff arriving from abroad

We have some students who may hope to return to Ireland to study and today I have been discussing with College the difficult situation students will find ... themselves in from this coming Friday having to stay in expensive mandatory quarantine hotels which are €1,875 for the 14 days mandatory quarantine once one arrives in Ireland. College will be updating its FAQs on this subject but we will continue to do our best for you in this evolving situation and to push at National level to find a National solution so that students are not subjected to these overpriced mandatory quarantine hotels and can stay somewhere near us where we can support you.

24 March 2021

GSU Health (HS) Sciences Coffee Morning! Friday March 26th 11.30-12pm

This is a space where we will offer support and GSU kindness and you will get to meet other students as we prepare to face PhD research and PGT ... dissertations in the months ahead. Attendees should be students of the HS Faculty.

24 March 2021

GSU Faculty of STEM Coffee Morning! Thursday March 25th 10-10.30am

This is a space where we will offer support and GSU kindness and you will get to meet other students as we prepare to face PhD research and PGT ... dissertations in the months ahead. Attendees should be students of the STEM Faculty.

24 March 2021

GSU TLC (Trinity learning with Children) – Wednesday 24th 12:00-12.30pm

We have formed the GSU TLC (Trinity Learning with Children) group - a group for parents, by parents, who are committed to supporting each other through ... postgraduate life in Trinity College with the added complication of the coronavirus pandemic this year.

24 March 2021

More Library and study space for you at St. James’s Hospital

After discussions with the Library, I can promise that the John Sterne Library at St. James’s Hospital will facilitate students who need access specialist ... medical books, and I am currently working to secure extra study space so that you can rotate buildings every 1 hr 45 minutes to make this space work. Please bear with me us as we get this up and running.

24 March 2021

More computer lab study space for you + the TBSI building

We have opened computer labs in the basement of the Arts Building if you need the use of a PC or a MAC. There are two computer labs there for you to ... utilize and you can rotate into these study spaces as well if you are using the 1937 Reading Room or any of the study spaces. College has also agreed to open the PAC Computer Labs in the basement of the TBSI building on Pearse Street.

24 March 2021

Exam Hall Study Space

We are doing our best as GSU stewards to keep you safe as we are forced to move every 1 hour and 45 minutes.

22 January 2021

Exam Hall Study Space and Computer Labs with PC software

It has come to our attention, through discussions with you this week, that many of you found yourselves needing PCs with software which couldn’t ... necessarily work on your laptops at home for assignments. We have opening a Computer Lab in the Arts building to facilitate access to PCs with this software. Each booking is 2 hours, but you can only stay for 1 hour 45 minutes, with a 15 - minute break required. You can still place multiple bookings each day with a 15-minute break every 1 hour 45 minutes.

22 January 2021

New Library Opening Hours

From today, the 22nd January, extra measures to minimise contact and more emphasis on self-service will be introduced into the Library. For full details ... on the new arrangements see the Plan your visit section on the Library website.

22 January 2021

Honouring Disability within our Postgraduate Community

The Disability Service at Trinity College is looking for any Postgraduate students with disabilities who are interested in participating in a short ... video. The video would be used to encourage Postgraduate students with disabilities to apply to Trinity and would be included at an upcoming virtual Postgraduate Open Day. The video would also potentially be used on the Trinity Disability Services website in the future. The requirement is to film a short (2-3 minute) segment about yourself, disclosing as much or as little about your disability as you choose, and what support you find helpful from Disability Services at Trinity. If interested in participation, please contact GSU Disability Officer Sara Kift at kifts@tcd.ie or Dr Declan Reilly at +353 873793847 reillyde@tcd.ie

22 January 2021

GSU Postgraduate Experience Survey

This morning we are launching this micro survey to reach out to you as a mark of respect and understanding to each and every one of you and to honour ... your hard work last term. As the Graduate Students’ Union (your Union), we wish to explore your postgraduate learning, social and financial experiences to date and to further understand the challenges that you have faced in your education and welfare in the recent months.

22 January 2021

Expensive Books

We have lobbied at a meeting today for access to books for you that you may not have access to due to the current problems with COVID-19. You ... `may be in a different country and not have a Law book for example and I understand how expensive these books can be. We will find a solution to this and I am working with Abhisweta our Vice-President to identify funding for this. We will be discussing this with the Library as a matter of great urgency this week. Please reply to this email if impacted by this so that we can understand further your need for books or specialist Library materials.

22 January 2021

The 1937 Reading Room – Heating

The heating is - with again to the kind help of Estates & Facilities – working well and is finally at a suitable temperature for this cold Irish weather. We all ... seem to be operating at different temperatures but I’m hoping that we can all operate at one which is comfortable in the 1937. If you have any problems with it, please do not hesitate to WhatsApp me on 0864120444 or email me at president@tcdgsu.ie and I will have it seen to immediately (even at weekends). Please do also make a GSU steward in the 1937 Reading Room aware of any of your problems so that we can make your stay there as comfortable as possible while you study.

22 January 2021

FREE Hot Water

I did not take a break myself this Christmas as I worked with our lovely stewarding team who were minding the study spaces and Library open over ... the Christmas break. I learnt from listening to many of you who were studying on campus that you need a supply of hot water. I had the Lavazza machine in the 1937 Reading Room calibrated to dispense FREE hot water for the postgraduate population and College Catering has re-granted my FREE hot water request and has made it available across the outlets which are currently open in Trinity College Dublin for ALL students. Here's how it works: Bring YOUR OWN “keep cup” cup, flask or bowl and hot water is FREE to request! I am extremely grateful to Catering and will continue to press for fixes to your problems, so do please let me know if you need anything. Here are the current venues with six more to open when campus reopens: The Buttery, (Front Square) - there are boilers there. Ask for it. The 1937 Reading Room – the Lavazza Machine is set to dispense hot water for you, for free.

22 January 2021

GSU Postgraduate Experience Survey

This morning we are launching this micro survey to reach out to you as a mark of respect and understanding to each and every one of you and to honour ... your hard work last term. As the Graduate Students’ Union (your Union), we wish to explore your postgraduate learning, social and financial experiences to date and to further understand the challenges that you have faced in your education and welfare in the recent months. Your valuable participation in this survey will not only inform us how best to serve you but will help us to lobby for you at College level and nationally in 2021. We look forward to your responses.

22 January 2021

GSU Book Club, launches with literary experts in January, here’s our book choice

The GSU is excited to announce that our Book Club choice as chosen by you on our book Club Survey is Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid. Look ... forward to meeting you all the second week in January to discuss this book. Please let us know what day best serves you for Book Club on our Survey.

24 December 2020

Results from GSU and Trinity Gift Shop €250 Christmas Competition

Two weeks ago we launched a €250 competition in conjunction with the Gift Shop team where you were asked to choose your favourite item in the ... store for a chance to win the €250 prize. Thank You to everyone who entered, we had a huge response. The winner was David Kelly and here is his winning entry… “This is a bit of a long shot but I said sure I'd give it a go! The Mother is fond of the odd bottle of wine but she is more fond of the tree's in Trinity and has always loved coming up and admiring them, especially when we would go to the Christmas carol concert. I saw that the gift shop sells a wine bottle holder that is made from trees felled actually on campus. Mam was honestly so sad when the huge one came crashing down 2 years ago so it would be amazing to say that she now (maybe) has some of that tree in her very own kitchen! Anyway thanks for reading and I wish you a lovely Christmas.” Congratulations David, we hope that you enjoy your prize.

24 December 2020

Hot Food on Campus December 26th to January 4th

The O’Brien’s Coffee Truck located outside the Exam Hall will be open from December 26th and will serve a hot meal at lunchtime until College ... Catering reopens on January 4th .

24 December 2020

Student Study Spaces and Christmas Library Opening Hours

The GSU stewarding team has worked jointly with the Library team, the Director of Services and Estates and Facilities, to ensure that the 1937 ... Reading Room and Kinsella Hall Libraries, the Exam Hall and the Bank at the Hamilton building have operated as safe study spaces in all government levels to date. This collaboration has provided the opportunity for postgraduate teams to work to help keep students safe and will remain in place over the Christmas holidays from December 24th to January 3rd, except Christmas Day December 25th.

24 December 2020

Caring for your wellbeing

Today, I spent the day on campus to support the many of you studying for assignments and exams. I will spend little time with family and friends ... this year and most of the holidays amongst you because this is even a more difficult year than last for postgraduates who when reflecting on 2020 have been floored with loneliness, academic anxiety and general exhaustion due to financial strain. If you’ve been suffering this week and have not reached out, then please know that both my and Abi’s hearts are with you. We will be able to directly refer you to services and academic supports within College once it reopens, but I can promise you in the meantime that you’re not alone and that I will continue to support you in these difficult days.

16 December 2020

GSU AGM, Wednesday Dec 16th 5:00pm

Our annual general meeting will take place Wednesday December 16th at 5:00pm and there is an opportunity to meet 24 new School convenors and ... new GSU Executive members. These Officers will be instrumental in your year ahead and voting will continue until midday today. Results will be announced at our AGM at 5:00pm on the Zoom link above. All class representatives and every postgraduate is invited to our AGM to join in the congratulations.

13 December 2020

GSU Book Club, launches with literary experts

The GSU is excited to announce that we are starting a monthly Zoom Book Club. Our reading salon will host one book per month and then we’ll ... share our thoughts together about it on Zoom.

13 December 2020

GSU Cinema, Wednesday, December 16th 8:00pm over on Zoom

Many thanks to everyone who tuned into our first GSU Cinema Club screening last week! Next week we will be inviting everyone to join in the same ... Zoom as before and we will all press play at the same time on a movie on Netflix together. Our schedule for the next couple of weeks is as follows: On Wednesday 16th of December at 8.00pm we will watch My Christmas Inn. This movie stars Tia Mowry (of Sister Sister fame) as a woman who inherits an Alaskan inn. She's a big city lawyer and isn't prepared for the Christmas spirit that she discovers in the small Alaskan town! My Christmas Inn can be found on Netflix. On Monday 21st of December at 8.00pm we will watch The Christmas Chronicles. This movie follows two young children who secretly climb into Santa's sleigh and join him on his trip around the world. Kurt Russell stars as Santa Claus and has been praised for the role! The Christmas Chronicles can also be found on Netflix.

13 December 2020

Trinity Gift Shop 20% off of all purchases with code

Last week we helped Trinity Gift Shop launch their 20% discount off all Trinity Gift Shop full price items until 31st of December by simply using the ... code TSTUDENT20 when checking out online at https://gifts.tcd.ie/christmas. You can also save on postage costs by selecting the click and collect option. For everyone who entered last week, we will announce the winner of the €250 competition in conjunction with the Gift Shop team next Wednesday.

13 December 2020

Christmas Library Opening Hours and Student Study Space

The GSU stewarding team has worked jointly with the Library team, the Director of Services and Estates and Facilities, to ensure that the 1937 ... Reading Room and Kinsella Hall Libraries, the Exam Hall and the Bank at the Hamilton building have operated as safe study spaces in all government levels to date. This collaboration has provided the opportunity for postgraduate teams to work to help keep students safe and will remain in place over the Christmas holidays from December 24th to January 3rd, except Christmas Day.

13 December 2020

GSU AGM, Wednesday Dec 16th 5:00pm

Our annual general meeting will take place next Wednesday December 16th at 5:00pm.

13 December 2020

GSU Executive election voting Monday Dec 14th to Wednesday Dec 16th

Due to an unprecedented number of candidates running for Executive Officer roles for postgraduate representation rights across the GSU this ... year, the GSU Executive Election vote will open tomorrow Monday Dec 14th and run through to Wednesday Dec 16th hosted by the election company Mi-Voice. We will see a host of postgraduate school convenors elected as well as three Faculty Officers who will sit on the GSU Executive Committee representing each Faculty in Trinity College. A Diversity & Inclusion Officer and a Research Student Officer (a PhD doctoral student) who will deal with research student issues will all be elected this week.

13 December 2020

WIN €100 every day. The GSU’s #Best20of2020 Competition.

Do you have a memory of 2020 that inspired you as a postgraduate that you’d like to share? If so, please get involved with our “Best of 20 ... of 20/20 Competition” with a chance for a different Trinity College postgraduate student to win €100 every day as we count down to 2021. We will choose a winner every day, starting tonight through January 1st. That means 20 chances to win €100! We are looking for videos and images that capture the most inspiring postgraduate highlights of 2020 at TCD - these can be anything from graduation pictures, your experience of College, videos of postgrads helping each other, trips around the city etc.

7 October 2020

Online Class Spaces for you across campus

Yesterday, Tuesday, 6th October, the GSU in partnership with Trinity College opened The Exam Hall in Front Square for you to be able to book a space to ... use if you were already on campus and needed to attend an online class shortly before or after in a safe, warm and managed environment. Very many of you who were already reading/studying in the 1937 Reading Room asked about having safe space like this to take an online class on campus so this morning we have extended the online class spaces to include new spaces across campus for you namely: the Exam Hall, Front Square, the Botany Bay Marquee and The Bank in the Hamilton Building on East campus. These spaces are open from 9:00am – 6:00pm, Monday to Friday and you can book a desk for one or two hours or individual rooms in The Bank. Please remember to book to get access to this service and each ticket is for 1 hour. If your class if longer, please book two slots if your class is 2 hours. Power sockets are limited so charge your computer fully before you arrive and headsets must be worn. If you decide that you don’t need the booking, please cancel your ticket through Eventbrite, so others can get access. We have a sign-in system using the QR code at the front door, and sign-out using the QR code on your desk.

5 October 2020

GSU Class Election Representatives

The Graduate Students’ Union would like to invite you to continue to nominate yourself for the position of Class Representative for the academic year ... ahead as we extend the deadline for nominations to October 19th 11:59PM as all postgraduates will not be completely registered until 15th of October. The Class Representative elections will be held beginning October 20th to October 23rd and the newly elected representatives will start their responsibilities upon election. Elections for PhD reps will take place the following week October 27th – 30th and will be a separate call next week.

5 October 2020

1937 Reading Room Booking System

Firstly, may we extend a huge “Thank You” to you if you were one of the many postgraduates who joined us in the 1937 Reading Room this past week. ... You each displayed such dignity and respect for each other and we are working hard to make sure that there is 100% compliance of face coverings in this building as face coverings are mandatory in this and throughout every building in Trinity College. The 1937 Reading Room is a quite study space specifically dedicated to postgraduate students.

27 September 2020

GSU Class Representative Elections

As you start your classes today, the Graduate Students’ Union would like to invite you to nominate yourself for the position of Class Representative ... for the academic year ahead. Before I became GSU President, my first role at the GSU was a Class Representative’s role and through it I learnt that volunteering my time and energy brought great rewards.

27 September 2020

1937 Reading Room Opening

We are delighted to announce that the 1937 Reading Room will open 8:00am - 20:00pm, 7 days per week as of tomorrow morning Monday ... 28th September. We have worked hard with the Trinity College Library staff to facilitate this opening and we would ask please that when entering the building that face coverings be worn and kept in place for the duration of your stay in the 1937 Reading Room. Postgraduate stewards will be on site from opening until closing to ensure your safety. For efficiency and fairness and to ensure that we adhere to government guidelines in level 3, there are 50 tickets and you can book a seat/desk for a two or three hour reading slot per day. This GSU booking system in the 1937 Reading Room will run from September 28th to October 4th until the library implements its new booking system for the 1937.

25 September 2020

Postgraduate 1937 Reading Room Jobs

We have a number of postgraduate student positions available in the 1937 Reading Room. The GSU has worked with TCD library to secure ... employment for postgraduate students. These 1937 Reading Room jobs will operate within library safety policies and involve NO cleaning work as these are library stewarding jobs. These positions are related to keeping the Reading Room open during the Covid pandemic. The positions are on a seven-day working week basis from 08.00 to 20.00 every day. There are three shifts - between 08.00 and 12.00, then 12.00 to 16.00 and finally 16.00 to 20.00 and you will be given training before commencing. You must be able to work a full 4-hour shift and you may combine shifts.

18 September 2020

Q & A meeting with the Provost, the Dean and the GSU

The Provost and the Dean of Graduate Studies have agreed to meet with PhD students in the coming weeks and before we strike a date I’m ... interested in what you would like to discuss so that we can gather the correct experts to find solutions to your varied queries.

18 September 2020

T.A.s and safety whilst teaching face-to-face

Teaching staff (including those designated as Teaching Assistants) will not be required to clean areas where students have been sitting, ... although you will be asked to remind everyone of the importance of wiping down surfaces and following public health guidelines.

18 September 2020

New Government Level 3 Announcement – the 4Ws and teaching space

As you will be aware, we are now in a Level 3 set of guidelines for public Health measures in Higher Education this evening and understandably ... many of you will be worried as to what this means for you moving forward with your research, teaching and demonstrating work in labs. The key pillars to staying safe on campus involves personal responsibility for behaviours such as social distancing, regular and effective hand washing and appropriate cough and sneeze etiquette. The government has issued the 4 W’s for the Dublin area on Level 3 and we at the GSU have configured these guidelines in a sharable infographic for you above. In College, teaching spaces have been configured in line with the directive issued by the HEA to ensure distancing between students, with a 1m distance between student workstations and 2m distance between teaching staff and students. The wearing of face coverings will be mandatory for all teaching and learning events for all students and staff, in all the Libraries and in internal public spaces on campus. It is imperative to wear and keep a face covering in place when occupying all internal spaces in College including library spaces. I helped make a video to outline the importance of this.

28 August 2020

PhD candidates meet the Provost 28/10/2020 at 5.30 pm.

Invited by the GSU to meet with PhDs on 29 August night are Trinity College Dublin Provost Patrick Prendergast, the Vice Provost Juergen Barkhoff, the ... Dean of Graduate Studies Martine Smith and Trinity College’s Service Director Breda Walls and Disability Officer Declan Reilly. PhDs across Trinity College came and shared their experiences and discussed Covid-19 and our community.

23 August 2020

Visas and the Irish Residence Permit (IRP)

Gisèle and Abhisweta guide new students on visas and the Irish Residence Permit (IRP) during COVID-19. Your visas will permit you entry into the ... country only, while the IRP (Irish Residence Permit) is permission to reside. The stamp IG is an IRP, not a visa. INIS has advised us that they are aware of and are addressing the issue students who wish to change from a stamp 2 to a stamp 1G with the online renewal system, but have a stamp 2 expiring more in longer than 30 days.

10 August 2020

Helpful points if returning to Dublin

In the spirit of welcome, TCD in collaboration with GSU organized a special meet and greet service at Dublin airport to welcome each and every one of ... you back to Ireland and to organise your transport from Dublin airport. The service was provided over a 6 week period from 20 August - 23 September.

10 August 2020

How can Trinity better support research students with disabilities?

Gisèle and Abhisweta created awareness of the 12 short steps to apply for reasonable accommodations with the Disability Service if you feel as a ... researcher that you could do with some support and help. The list is broad and runs from reasonable accommodation at Viva time to tools and supports that you never knew existed

24 July 2020

COVID-19 Impact Survey for TCD PhD Candidates

The TCD PhD Workers' Rights Group (TCD PWRG) in collaboration with the GSU launched COVID-19 Impact Survey for TCD PhD Candidates, to collectively ... bargain for better salaries and conditions for research students.

17 July 2020

Welcoming all postgrads

Gisèle Scanlon, GSU President and Abhisweta Bhattacharjee, Vice President welcomed all postgrads. I also shared my manifesto and outlined things ... that I will be pushing for you at the University.